There are literally thousands of cleaners in Manhattan, why Suits and Skirts?

Here’s a few customers thoughts on how Suits and Skirts made dry cleaning easier for them:

Janet – Finance Industry

“I came to Suits and Skirts after my last dry cleaner ruined one of my expensive work dresses. I like that they take careful note of the color and brand of each dry cleaning item as well as any personal preferences. I like that my receipts are e-mailed to me and they just charge my card on file. The hours are more convenient than most other dry cleaners (open Sundays) and prices are on par with competitors, which I view as a deal given the quality of service. They are efficient and professional – it’s like dry cleaning finally came into the modern era.”

J.T. – Actor on CBS’ The Good Wife

“In TV and Film work the costume department likes it when actors can provide well kept suits and shirts, and your biz helps keep me looking good at great prices! And that equals more work for me! Thanks!”


Charlotte – Commercial Real Estate Industry


“ I love Suits and Skirts because it’s open later than anywhere else, emails me when my clothes are ready so I don’t wait around (and don’t forget to pick up my clothes), and has amazing prices. I’d recommend Suits and Skirts to anyone.”