Our Story

Suits and Skirts was founded in January 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing the dry cleaning industry in New York City.

It was founded by Matthew Fania- a graduate of the University of Virginia who previously worked in finance before pursuing a career in dry cleaning. After years of experiencing the substandard service, high prices, and overall lack of quality from many cleaners, it was clear there was an opportunity revamp the industry.

What was the best way to learn? Immersing yourself in the day to day operations. Matt walked in to over 100 cleaners looking for work, and finally found a job as quality control manager for the largest dry cleaning plant in Manhattan. The role allowed him to study the process as a whole, but also analyze each intricate step. Matt worked there for months to completely understand the business, identify any opportunities for improvement, and put together a plan to execute the vision.

Finally Suits and Skirts was ready.

The company is defining the new standard of dry cleaning by offering superior service at an attractive price point. The Suits and Skirts model is efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious. It will set the bar much higher in an industry that has been relatively untouched for over 20 years. Be a part of the dry cleaning revolution because the greatest city in the world deserves a legitimate dry cleaners.