Meet the Team

Matthew Fania

Founder and CEO

Matt is a graduate of the University of Virginia, who previously worked in finance before pursuing a career in dry cleaning. After years of experiencing substandard service, high prices, and lack of quality; he was on a mission to revamp the industry. Matt immersed himself in dry cleaning operations by working as a quality control manager at the largest dry cleaning plant in manhattan. During his time there, he studied the whole cleaning process A to Z and analyzed each intricate step in order to completely understand the business, identify improvement opportunities, and create a successful business model for launching Suits And Skirts in 2013. Today his focus is on consistent growth, but most importantly maintaining exceptional quality that really set Suits And Skirts apart from other dry cleaning options.

Rei Reyes

Director of Valet Services

Rei joined Suits And Skirts in 2015 as Director of Valet Services. Rei brings an unparalleled level of experience to Suits And Skirts that helped take the company to the next level. Rei has over 25 years experience in the dry cleaning industry. He has held various titles including operations manager, retail supervisor, valet service manager, etc. Rei knows the ins and outs of production, as well as what it takes to run a successful storefront. He has personally handled valet accounts at some of the most prestigious luxury buildings and hotels in Manhattan. The combination of his experience in traditional dry cleaning operations and the company's innovated approach to revamping the industry is a match that will drive future success.

Bobby Shomrony

Director of Retail Operations

Bobby joined the Suits And Skirts team in 2015. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Kinesiology. Bobby’s career began in the healthcare sector as an emergency medical technician, physical therapist assistant and clinic manager. His customer service and operations management knowledge translated well into becoming the director of retail operations for our 3 stores in New York City and Brooklyn. Bobby’s main responsibilities are to direct all retail staff and oversee daily store operations. He believes that communication and attention to detail are paramount to ensure Suits and Skirts Cleaners continued commitment to quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction.